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Sat 16.Oct 2004
~218.4 km
across the see map detailPyrenes at Puigcerda into France (Bourg-Madam), north just east of Andorra
via Col de Puymorens' new Tunnel (1915 m) to
- see map detail Aux-de-Thermes - Le +33 05 6164 2431 -
Sun 17.Oct 2004
360.6 km
north through south eastern France to
- see map detailRocamadour - Hotel Beau Site Notre Dame +33 05 6533 6308
Mon-Wed 18.+20.Oct 2004
~? ?km
3 days - around Rocamadour
DAY 1 "The Vicounty of Turenne" - visiting Padrirac, Autoire (one of the most beautiful villages in France)
Lunch at La Cascade], Saint-Cere, Carennac's Fenelon Priory - Romanesque Tympanum (12th Century) via small roads & lanes through farming and wooded country side [yes - we got lost a couple of times :-)].
DAY 2 (rainy / overcast day) Jacqui & Jim ventured up the hill to shrines (harbouring the treasures and relics of St Amadour & the 223 steps of the Great Pilgrim Staircase the holy citadel of The Sacred Heights of Racamadour, a central space tightly enclosed by seven churches & chapels. The imposing groups of buildings in the late Romanesque style, dating from the end of the 12th century (the Golden Age of the pilgramage) was extensively restored in the 19th century. The wide terraces and "the Way of the Cross" (inaugurated in 1887) which winds up to the top of the cliff were also constructed at this time.
Overhanging the shrines the fortress (late 13th - 14th century) completed the early town's system of defence by preventing access to the edge of the cliff.
The afternoon was for shopping and business as required :-)
Special Dinner for our wedding anniversary & Jim's Birthday
at the Beau Site's Restaurant "Le Jehan de Valon"
- mercy M. et Mme Martial Menot for another excellent experience (3rd time in 10 years).
DAY 3 recovery from last night :-) .......
Thu 21.Oct 2004
to see map detailA20 - north through central France on Motorways to Fountainebleau
- Apollonia, Route de Fountainebleau (RN7), St-Fargeau-Ponthierry - +33 01 6065 6535
[just before Paris (south east) to make the next day into Paris / to Airport & AVIS car drop easier]
Fri 22.Oct 2004
early start - north through and to northern Paris (close to airport) - to
- CD 902-95500 see map detailGonesse Les Relais Bleus, see map detail7 route de l'Europe [off D912] +33 01 3987 3666
Return Car to Avis at see map detailAeroport Roissy Ch De Gaulle, Aerogares 1&2 - +33 01 48 62 59 59
Sat 23.Oct 2004
Taxi to airport for12:00noon flying out of Paris to Kuala Lumpur
Sun 24.Oct 2004 06:45am arrive from Paris via MH021 in Kuala Lumpur - rest day :-)
Mon/Tue 25+26.Oct 2004 2 days in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
see our Gallery for some images of this City and our visit to Malaka
Wed 27.Oct 2004 09:50am leave Kuala Lumpur on MH125 - 15:00 arrive Perth airport
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