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    Stage Cot DAzure, Provence to Spain Cote D'Azur - Provence to Spain

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Rhine - Swiss - Italy - Sth France map
Italian Riviera - Cote D'Azur
- Provence & Sth France to Spain
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Wed 06.Oct 2004
205.5 km
Italian Riviera Seafood Lunch at Lido La Fontana on the beach at Sanremo
Monaco, Cote d'Azur - Nice, Cannes et al - to
- see map detailSaint Raphael-Agay - le Relais d'Agay +33 0 4 9482 7820
Thu 07.Sept 2004
275.4 km
final leg of Cote D'Azur - St Tropez etc - than north & west into Provence to
- see map detailSaint Rémy de Provence - L'Hôtel Villa Glanum,
    see map detailAve Vincent van Gough +33 04 9092 0359 -
- We walked through the old historical town's narrow streets - best seen in our images in the Gallery
Dinner at Auberge de la Reine Jeanne was again an excellent experience of local seafood and lamb. Jim had the best grilled medium rare Salmon steak ever tasted - and he should know (Gwen eat your heart out) :-) ! The meal was accompanied by an medium dry white wine from the region (provence).
Fri 08.Oct 2004
365.5 km
west through southern France and south towards Spain on N9 to Perpinon south east via coastal route to
- EmpuriaBrava - on the Costa Brava - +34 (0) 9724 51215
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    Stage Rhine, Swiss Alps, Italy, Cot DAzure to Spain - 10 days
Rhine, Black Forest, Swiss Alps, Italy, Cote D'Azure, Provence, Spain
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